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Topical Study – Salvation

These studies goes over the core components that are dependent on the topic, the salvation of mankind. Please take a moment to review some of my research studies/bible studies that I have done over the years.

How Can I Be Saved for Eternity?

Introduction – In this study, I will be going over the way of getting saved through Jesus Christ and it is super duper simple and even a kid can understand and believe on the message of Jesus Christ.

Questions These questions helps guides you to understand the most simple way to be saved for eternity without having to do any work at all, thanks to Jesus Christ.

  • What verses of Scriptures speaks about salvation and how to be saved?
  • Can we lose salvation?
  • What does it mean when Jesus told Nicodemus that one must be born again to see the Kingdom or enter the Kingdom of God?
  • How can I be saved for eternity and be absolutely certain that I will head to Heaven after I die?

Q and A – In this study, you have the opportunity to share your answer after the study through this study guide that have been researched and posted.

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