Topical Study – Old Testament

These topical studies goes through the Old Testament to understand the culture, traditions, and how those pieces of historical accounts ties in with Jesus Christ and the salvation of mankind.

Genesis 6:1-5 – A Look Into a Supernatural Perspective

Introduction – In this study, I will be going over the most controversial verse in the Bible, Genesis Six, to get a better understanding in context, the historical accounts between people groups and the supernatural beings, known as the Watchers.

Questions – Some of these questions were identified during the reading of scriptures in Genesis which peaks my curiosity to research further into this issue.

  • Who were the Sons of God?
  • Why did they mated with female individuals?
  • What were their end goal and attempt to accomplish?
  • Why did they attempt to accomplish their end goal?
  • Who were they doing this against and why?
  • How does this passage relates to current events in history or now?

Q and A – In this study, you have the opportunity to share your answer after the study through this study guide that have been researched and posted.

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