Topical Study – New Testament

In this topical area of scriptures, I will be focusing on the New Testament aspects of things. The studies that were posted below are the culminations of bible studies over the years that I have done that God has revealed to me during my fellowship with Him.

Birth of Jesus Christ

Introduction – This study goes in detail about Christ’s birth and the importance of his birth as God in Flesh. Why is it so important and how much of an impact does it have on humanity and the world?

Questions – These questions were created based on the reading of scriptures, which peaks my interest to study more in-depth about the birth of Jesus Christ.

  • Where was Jesus born and why?
  • Why did Herod want to kill all of the male babies?
  • What was the significance of Jesus’ birth?
  • What was God pointing at to the shepherds?

Q and A – In this study, you have the opportunity to share your answer after the study through this study guide that have been researched and posted.

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