Topical Study – Gospel

These studies goes over the core components that are dependent on the topic, the Good News or the Gospel. Please take a moment to review some of my research studies/bible studies that I have done over the years.

Identity of Jesus

Introduction – Who is this Jesus and why is he very important individual? Have you heard of Jesus? In this study, I will be going in-depth about Jesus’ true identity and discuss about who He truly is.

Questions: Some of the questions that I have created and answered were.

  • Who is Jesus Christ?
  • Why is Jesus Christ important in the Scriptures? 
  • Is Jesus Christ the Son of God? 
  • What did Jesus Christ do in his earthly life? 
  • What impacts has Jesus Christ had on other people around him? 
  • How does salvation of mankind ties in with Jesus Christ? 
  • What did Jesus Christ say to do to get into Heaven? 
  • Why was Jesus Christ originally here for? 
  • Who was he here for?

Q and A: In this study, you have the opportunity to share your answer after the study through this study guide that have been researched and posted.

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