This live resume consists of current jobs and past employers that I have worked over the years during my life as a technical support professional in the field of Information Technology in IaaS, computer systems, and network divisions.



Valley City State University – Bachelors in Computer Information Systems – 2019

North Dakota State College of Science – Associates in IT Administration – 2018

Montana Tech University – Bachelors in Electrical Engineering – 2013

High Schools

Fargo South High – General Studies – 2012


Microsoft Azure Support Engineer Current

University of Mary Dynamic Campus – User Services Technician December 2016 – August 2017 – As an IT User Support Technician, I assisted students and faculty members on computer and web login issues. I also made sure that the classroom’s audio and video equipment were in good working order every 3 months. Inventory management was updated to reflect the changes for new equipment purchase to University of Mary. I trained students and faculty members on the use of the Office Suite to navigating across the UMary’s web services.

North Dakota ITD – Computer and Network Intern June 2016 – December 2016 – During my internship, I was trained under a Desktop Support Technician III to ensure that I understand the IT Department’s business process of working with their internal clients as well as the process of managing computer systems and programs. I went to weekly Desktop Support Tier 2 meetings to discuss about individual progresses on computers, customer related projects, and tickets. I also managed clients’ computer systems and made sure that the systems were updated correctly and that all computer systems met ITD’s security and business standards.

Valley City State University – IT Helpdesk Technician September 2015 – May 2016 – During my time at Valley City State University, I worked under a mentor in order to assist and handle students and teachers’ computer-related issues. In this position, I answered incoming phone-calls and troubleshoot issues related to Black Board and Office 365 login and other backend related issues. I managed the check-in and check-out process of lending out VCSU-owned laptops to students in the beginning and at the end of each semester. I troubleshooted students and faculty’s laptops for any issues that they were having.

St. Catherine School – IT System Admin September 2015 – May 2016 – At St. Catherine Elementary School, I handled multiple-roles as a system administrator to technical support technician. I ensured that students and teachers’ computer systems were up-to-date with the latest security and patches. I re-organized the IT information in OneNote to ensure that the next IT Admin or Manager has easy access to the information. I helped setup new computers in classrooms to computer lab settings. I made sure that all new computers that were setup meet St. Catherine School’s standard IT practices and security procedures. I communicated with my manager in order to keep him up-to-date with my work-progress.

The Computer Place of Fargo – Computer Technician May 2015 – August 2015 – At The Computer Place of Fargo, I held two roles. One role was the in-store computer support technician and the other role was the on-site support technician for residential and small businesses. In-store, I supported and escalated customers’ related issues to other technicians as well as ensure that their computer systems were diagnosed and repaired properly. I kept customers up-to-date by email and calling them to ensure that they were satisfied with our diagnosis and repairs. I checked-in and checked-out customers’ computer systems and recorded information into QuickBooks to ensure that work-related activities were recorded each working-day. When I went onsite, I kept in contact with Barrister and The Computer Place Technicians to ensure that the work were completed on time and managed any issues in regard to parts shipping errors and technical issues.

210 Pawnshop/Radio Shack – Computer Technician September 2014 – April 2015 – I refurbished old computers to semi-new computer systems to sell at 210Pawnshop. I ensure that all refurbished computers’ operating systems and security software were updated with the latest patches and critical software components to prevent any security issues. On the business side of the operations, I ensured that 210Pawn and Radioshack’s computer systems were up and running smoothly without any major computer issues. I kept in touch with my manager to ensure that he was in the loop with the work-progress for each computer and business systems. I also did managerial related activities from cashiering at Radioshack to cleaning the 210Pawnshop every Friday.

Blueprint IT Solutions – Computer Tech Intern May 2014 – August 2014 – During the summer of 2014, I was trained under a professional IT support technician as part of my internship for NDSCS. During that time, I was taught how to open and close tickets in ConnectWise and to effectively communicate with customers and vendors. I was trained to understand and put to practical use of my technical skills in order to solve customers’ computer related issues. I did managerial work for my manager in order to gain soft-skills for future technical positions. I made sure that customers were satisfied by keeping them in the loop of my work-progress on their machines for each tickets.

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