Identity of Jesus Christ

Introduction: Jesus Christ is an individual that is God in Flesh that came to redeem mankind from our own sins. In this study, I will be going over the true identity of Jesus Christ and how He impacted the salvation of mankind. 


  1. King James Version


  1. Who is Jesus Christ?
  2. Why is Jesus Christ important in the Scriptures? 
  3. Is Jesus Christ the Son of God? 
  4. What did Jesus Christ do in his earthly life? 
  5. What impacts has Jesus Christ had on other people around him? 
  6. How does salvation of mankind ties in with Jesus Christ? 
  7. What did Jesus Christ say to do to get into Heaven? 
  8. Why was Jesus Christ originally here for? 
  9. Who was he here for?

Key Highlights:

  1. Who is Jesus Christ?
    1. Jesus Christ is the Son of God.
      1. John 20:31
    2. Jesus is the Word of God who is God in Flesh.
      1. John 1:1
    3. Jesus Christ is the Messiah.
      1. John 4:25
  2. Why is Jesus Christ important in Scriptures?
    1. Jesus died for us through the shedding of his precious blood at the cross, was buried for three days, and rose from the dead.
      1. 1 Corinthians 15:1-4
    2. Jesus came to earth so that people may have life through Him.
      1. John 3:17-18
      2. 1 John 5:13
    3. Jesus fulfilled and lived the perfect life that we cannot live. Once we believe on Him, then we are born again and saved/sealed at the nanosecond of our birth of the Holy Spirit.
      1. Romans 4:11
      2. 2 Corinthians 5:21
      3. Romans 4:3
    4. Jesus if the giver of eternal life.
      1. John 10:28-30
      2. John 6:40
  3. Is Jesus Christ the Son of God?
    1. Yes, Jesus Christ is the Son of the living God.
      1. Mark 1:1-2
      2. John 10:30-33
  4. What did Christ do in His earthly ministry?
    1. Jesus healed the sick, poor, and the broken hearted.
      1. John 5:1-10
    2. Jesus taught the Jews about Him, being the true Messiah to get Israel to understand and accept Jesus as their Moschiach.
      1. John 18:20-21
  5. What impacts has Jesus Christ had on people around Hm?
    1. Jesus multiplied the bread and fish to feed the 5,000 people.
      1. Matthew 16:9
    2. Jesus turned water into wine.
      1. John 2:1-20
    3. Jesus rose Lazarus from the dead.
      1. John 11
    4. Jesus healed the lame man at the pool at Bethesda.
      1. John 5:1-10
    5. These were just a few examples and if all of the miracles that Jesus has done were written down, I suppose that it will not be enough place to fill the books fo what Jesus did. Jesus is God in Flesh.
  6. How does the salvation of mankind ties in with Jesus Christ?
    1. In Scriptures, Jesus is the Lamb of God, who took all of the sins of the world.
      1. John 1:29-31
    2. Jesus came to save sinners and not the righteous (religious people).
      1. Luke 5:31-32
    3. Jesus died, was buried for three days, and rose from the dead and holds the keys of death and hades and it do not power over Him.
      1. Rev 1:18
      2. 1 Corinthians 15:1-4
  7. What did Jesus say that one must do to be saved?
    1. In Scriptures, Paul and Silas told the Roman guard that to be saved is to repent and believe on Him and he would be saved.
      1. Acts 16:27-30
      2. John 6:40
    2. Repent and believe on the Gospel.
      1. Repent – change of mind.
        1. Greek – Metanoia
      2. Mark 1:15
  8. Why was Jesus here originally for?
    1. To get Israel to accept Him as their Messiah and be a city on the hill that shines forth to all of the 70 nations. This did not happen due to the constant rejections by the Jews.
      1. Matthew 5
  9. Who was Jesus here for?
    1. Jesus came for the lost sheep of Israel.
      1. Matthew 10:1-15

Bottom Line: Jesus is the Son of God who came in Flesh through the virgin birth by Mary to redeem mankind through His sacrifice at the cross through the shedding of His precious blood. That same blood, purged all sins of the whole world from past, present, and future. Jesus had an earthly ministry, which he used to explain the partial mystery of Himself and the future regarding the future of mankind and the body of Christ. Jesus came originally for the lost sheep of Israel and to hopefully, have Israel accept Jesus Christ as their official Messiah. This way, Israel, can be a light that shines on all of the 70 nations. The end of the story is; that Israel rejected Jesus as their Messiah and put Him to death. His own nation put Jesus to death, but at the same time, brought salvation to all mankind and not just for the Jews, but Gentiles as well. Jesus is God in flesh and he is part of the trinity of the Godheads. 

Closing: If you have questions regarding the above bible study that I have gone through, let me know by sending me a message and I would be more than happy to discuss this study with you in more details to get perspectives as well as dig deep in scriptures to see what the Holy Spirit reveals to both of us. 

God bless and may you have an awesome day! 

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