Blizzard Turned to Fall

West Fargo, ND – Drone View

This weekend has been eventful with the quick and breezy blizzard that came to Fargo from the Western North Dakota. My thought were that, there were a lot of snow that fell to Fargo, thinking that I would not survive in this rough weather if the blizzard stays constant. However, it was not the case. The snow storm died down and everything began to melt at a fast pace. Sooner or later, during Sunday morning, most of the snow has melted and it began to look more like fall instead of a blizzard. Fall is supposed to be only meant for beautiful leaves and cold weathers but not blizzards or snow at all.

West Fargo, ND – Aerial View

Fall is my favorite type of year to walk outside and enjoy the beautiful nature that has been made by Yahweh. Also, it is a time for socializing and being with friends. Not only that, but it is a time to be wrapped in warm and comfortable clothes with a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks while enjoying your favorite comedy or horror movies on Netflix. Fall allows you to enjoy the nature and its beauty that brings remembrance of God’s design for the seasons to allow His creations to know that He is their Creator and the Supreme Architect. He wants them to know that He is in control and will protect His created beings. Fall allows people to enjoy their families and relatives together while counting their blessings that they have received from others or from Elohim. Fall is a great season while it last before everyone’s favorite white stuff falls like crazy. You know, the fluffy white snow that everybody loves to enjoy and put food colorings in them to make it look like slushy drinks that people eat from as their desserts.


Anyways, that was a short story that i have for all of you. Enjoy your warm and mildly beautiful day while you drink some of the best out of the best Starbucks Pumpkin Latte and chill. 😉

God bless you and keep you warm and don’t forget, i will be praying for you and if you want to chat about anything, just leave a comment below or go to the contact page here, Contact Me.