Albert Schultz

My name is Albert and I am a support engineer at Microsoft. In my role, I support clients ranging from small to international clients that are the top 100 fortune companies. As a professional information technology individual, I pursue opportunities to grow my mind to new opportunities and advancements in my career as well as build upon my IT career in the Cloud Service industry.

In my personal life, I live a humble, peaceful and active life. As a believer in Jesus Christ, I live out for Jesus, because I want to live an authentic life of love that Jesus has lived to show others about Him. During my years as a believer, I have had many up and downs that I have went through, that strengthened my faith in Jesus Christ to be harden against various attacks from the enemy.

During my spare time, I am in CrossFit and in various church activities. My favorite hobbies includes; bowling, beer to wine tasting, food tasting, hiking, camping, running, weight lifting, and CrossFit. I joined CrossFit, because I wanted to try something new and meet new people as well as stay active and healthy.

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