This website was built to branch out to put myself out there, so others may see my works of published articles to posts about current events and personal life. The end goal of this website is; to bring people to Jesus Christ via the simple message about Jesus.

Vision – To bring others to Jesus Christ and to live an authentic life of love.


  • To bring others to the saving message of Jesus Christ. 
  • To simplify the hard to understand topics in scriptures so they peak others’ interests. 
  • To edify the body of Christ to empower them to be more Christlike and to spread the good news to the lost and dying world. 
  • To share my journey of life in my walk with Jesus Christ. 
  • To share my work achievements regarding information technology with prospect employers and colleagues. 
  • To share my life’s moments with others that impressed upon them to be creative and get out into the world to take a deep dive into adventuring in this vast world of various and diverse cultures. 

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